Our Technology

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Exceptional Technology of Acupuncture Needles

  • Superior raw materials

    The raw material used for the recession is not a typical stainless steel, but a special stainless steel made in Korea. Because it is inserted into the human body, it maintains its quality according to strict standards.

  • High bond strength

    Acupuncture Needle is largely made up with needle handle and needle body which inserted into human body. If this bondage is not strong enough, the handle and body are seperated each other. We have been researching the ways to increase the bond strength between needle handle and body, and now we got the ability to produce the acupuncture needles with high bond strength.

  • Qualified Technique of needle attaching ball

    The edge of needle determines how much painful to the human body. Therefore, needle-punching technology requires the high-level of skill in needle producing technology. With our own polishing equipment, We manufactures the best acupuncture needles that can be treated with minimal pain.

  • Hygienic quality control

    Strict hygienic quality control through high pressure washer, ultrasonic washer.

  • Self-sterilization system

    E.O Gas self-sterilization system.


    With SMART FACTORY System, Manage production, defect, and shipment of each production process.

Dana Medical Co.

Dana Medical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 as Lava Machine, and has grown into a specialized mold company. Since the transition to the company in 2007, we have continued to grow steadily by acquiring 7 patents related to oriental medicine manufacturing facilities and oriental medicine with steady technological development. Based on accumulated technology, Dana Medical Co., Ltd. newly established a medical equipment division in 2016 and started to manufacture a one-sided needle by accepting KGMP certification and medical device manufacturing license by constructing a new factory in Jangseong Nano General Industrial Complex.