Our Production System

Welcome to Dana Medical Co.
Leading Company for the globalization of Oriental medicine with High-Quality products.

We are proceeding with FDA registration and CE certification procedures, and alslo preparing to enter overseas market based on advanced technology and price competitiveness.

Highly-qualified production facilities through the long-term technological development

  • -We have doubled production of needle handle.
  • -Grinding & cleaning through electromagnetic grinder gives excellent grip.
  • -Improved stiffness and assembly facility through R & D ensured excellent bond strength and high productivity
  • -Excellent polishing ability and high productivity through self-developed polishing equipment

Super clean needles using ultra-pure water

We produce super clean needles with processing of washing,coating and packing in the clean room of 510m2 area where managed by ISO 8, 100,000 Class.

Minimize the number of microorganisms in the product before sterilization by minimizing the contact of the hand with the automated production line and proceeding the cleaning and coating process in the clean zone

Other companies mostly do only packing in the clean zone.

Smart Factory, UDI Barcode System

With Smart Factory System in the whole process of production, we built a more efficient and systematic production system.

We completed process inspection and process standardization so that only the best quality products can be produced, and with LOT tracking system through the whole processing, we've been fully prepared for any type of risks.

Unique Device Identification - UDI

The unique device identification system, which will be phased in over several years, offers a number of benefits that will be more fully realized with the adoption and integration of UDIs into the health care delivery system. UDI implementation will improve patient safety, modernize device postmarket surveillance, and facilitate medical device innovation.

Dana Medical Co.

Dana Medical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 as Lava Machine, and has grown into a specialized mold company. Since the transition to the company in 2007, we have continued to grow steadily by acquiring 7 patents related to oriental medicine manufacturing facilities and oriental medicine with steady technological development. Based on accumulated technology, Dana Medical Co., Ltd. newly established a medical equipment division in 2016 and started to manufacture a one-sided needle by accepting KGMP certification and medical device manufacturing license by constructing a new factory in Jangseong Nano General Industrial Complex.