Features of the compass

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Features of the compass

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Features of the compass

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Dana Oriental Policy of safe quality has been implemented.

① 100% domestic raw materials used

Since the raw material used for the compass is a part that is inserted into the human body, according to our strict standards, we use special stainless steel manufactured for medical use, not 100% domestically produced, instead of general stainless steel.

② Easy cut developed for user convenience (Patent Application No. 10-20180009744)

It can be opened easily by using a box that can be opened easily and a ssamji packaging method that can be used conveniently, and by developing a ssamji packaging with its own patented EasyCut, it can be used safely and conveniently during treatment.

③ Strict quality control using specialized institution equipment

Danahchim provides reliable products to customers through strict quality control through specialized measuring equipment of Jeonnam Bioindustry Promotion Agency, Nanobio Research Center, and Jeonnam Technopark Laser System Business Support Center.