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Corporate certificate and designation certificate

Patent and utility model

Patent and utility model

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No. Registration Number Design Target Issuer
1 No. 30-0917099 Herbal packaging cap KIPO
2 No. 30-0979941 Air exhaust device of cupping cup KIPO


No. Registration Number brand Issuer
1 No. 40-1334729 Dana Acupuncture needle (DANACHIM) KIPO
2 No. 40-1310031 Dana Acupuncture needle (DANACHIM) KIPO
3 No. 305505075 Dana Acupuncture needle (DANACHIM) IPD (HK)
4 No. 1583705 Dana Acupuncture needle (DANACHIM) IPD (MADRID)
5 No. 109090317 Dana Acupuncture needle (DANACHIM) IPD (TW)
6 No. 40-1974107 Cubri (CUBRI) KIPO
7 No. 40-1974108 Cubri (CUBRI) KIPO