Dana Medical’s technology

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Dana Medical’s technology

Why choose Dana Medical

Manufacturing process


Outstanding needle polishing technology

World class polishing technology leading to painless treatments


High quality raw materials made in Korea

Use of high-quality raw materials manufactured 100% in Korea


mass production

Customized production meeting customer needs


Largest cleanroom in Korea

Ensuring cleaner manufacturing environment for our needles


Dana Medical's technology

Dana Medical is a reliable company based on 23 years of accumulated technology and know-how.

Raw materials 100% Made in Korea

As the raw materials used for Acupuncture needle
is inserted directly into humany body,
Dana Medical uses only specially made stainless steel for medical grade that are 100% manufactured and processed in Korea in accordance with the strict company standard for public health!

High bond strength
between needle handle and body

Going beyond the standards of the MFDS
(Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in Korea),
Dana Medical maintains a high bond strength between needle handle and body through steady R&D. Dana Acupuncture needles are produced under stringent company standard of average bond strength of 0.9~1.5kgf ensuring safety during procedures.

Painless and Stress-free
Dana Acupuncture needle

Dana's excellent polishing technology with smooth needle tip and exceptional feeling of insertion!
Dana Acupuncture needles are produced with outstanding polishing technology with gentle needle tips developed through Dana Medical's R&D center. You will easily notice our needle tips are smooth
and shiny without any cracks with an exquisite feeling of insertion when inserted into body. You will feel less pain with Dana Acupuncture needle.

Largest cleanroom in Korea

Dana Medical has established the largetst cleanroom facility in Korea in the industry where we clean, coat and package the needles into primary and secondary packaging process.
*We use HEP filter same as usual hospital operating room through the application of HVAC system.
Cleaner needles are produced by minimizing the number of microorganisms in the product before sterilization. To ensure the cleaning process, we carry out cleanroom validation test and cleaning process validation test periodically.

Advanced facilities for Mass Production

Customized production is available maintaining
high quality products through advances faciliites.
Our Dana Acupuncture needle manufacturing facilities innovate everyday with developed technology.
We are able to correspond constantly and instantly upon our customer's requests with flexibility to expand the product range with suitable quality and raise the quality level accordingly.

Smart Factory System through entire production process

Dana Medical established advanced Smart Factory System as management for the first time in the acupuncture needle manufacturing industry throughout the entire process including import, inspection, product manufacturing, quality control and shipment. We also perform LOT tracking management for all acupuncture needle group following GS1 standard UDI System providing traceability of the final goods to our customers ensuring safety of our products as medical device.