Dana Medical’s technology

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Dana Medical’s technology

Features of the compass

Production system


Excellent immersion processing technology

Acupuncture processing technology to minimize pain


Use of high-quality domestic raw materials

Use of 100% domestically produced high-quality raw materials


Realization of customized mass production

Customized production according to customer needs


The largest clean room in Korea

A cleaner manufacturing environment


Dana Medical's technology

Dana Medical Co., Ltd. is a reliable company based on 20 years of technology and know-how.
Dana Oriental Policy of safe quality has been implemented.

Acupuncture processing technology to minimize pain

Dana Medical promises a convenient and safe treatment with its excellent self-acupuncture, convenient usability, and excellent self-researched and developed acupuncture polishing technology that minimizes patient pain during acupuncture.

High bonding strength between stagnation and acupuncture

Beyond the standards of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Danarchim maintains a high bonding strength between stagnation and acupuncture through steady research and development, and produces acupuncture compasses with a more stringent in-house standard of 0.9~1.5kgf average bonding strength. I promise to do it.

Produce cleaner products in the largest clean room in Korea

Dana Medical performs the entire process of washing, coating, and packing Danaxes in a clean room with the largest area of 510㎡ in Korea, which is managed and maintained using the HVAC system and the same HEPA filter air facility as the hospital operating room. Through this, a cleaner oriental policy is produced, and since it is conducted in a clean area, it is possible to minimize the number of microorganisms in the product before sterilization.

Smart factory system and UDI standard compliance

For the first time in an oriental policy, Dana Medical has established a LOT tracking system that follows the UDI standard to realize LOT tracking management of the entire process. Digital automation solutions are combined in production processes such as import inspection, manufacturing, distribution and logistics to improve productivity and quality. In the event of a burned product, it is possible to quickly respond and secure traceability through data analysis and accurate LOT tracking.

Realization of customized mass production

All of Dana Medical's production facility systems were produced through R&D R&D, and thus have the strength of maintaining and repairing advanced automated systems. Various customized productions are possible according to individual customer needs.

Own sterilization system

Blister products are being sterilized by introducing our own E.O.GAS sterilization facility in the Dana Medical plant. We produce products through strict quality control by conducting periodic cleaning, sterilization, and validation tests of the E.O.GAS sterilizer for complete sterilization of Danax.