Hello. This is Dana Medical.
We will take the lead in the globalization of oriental medicine as a first-class quality and first-class company.

Quality (Trusted quality)

Dana Medical Co., Ltd. has established and operated a quality management system based on GMP, ISO 13485, and CE based on the differentiation of excellent quality, and strictly manages the quality with the spirit of “no defects are made or leaked.”

Globalization (Globalization of Oriental Medicine)

Dana Medical Co., Ltd. is a global leading oriental medical device company recognized by customers around the world as well as domestic, and will lead the globalization of oriental medicine based on advanced technology and customer-oriented service.

Customer (Customer-centered differentiation)

Dana Medical Co., Ltd. puts the customer’s needs, profits, and satisfaction first, and considers the creation of new technology as the best value, leading the future of oriental medical devices.

Research & Development (A company that constantly researches)

In order to become the best artisan company in the field of oriental medical devices, Dana Medical Co., Ltd. does not settle for the reality, but continues product R&D R&D activities and technology development for excellent and perfect product quality. We promise to provide customers.